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Why business model innovation rocks

Business Model Innovation

Can you name management trends that most business executives appreciate but few ever implement? Business model innovation (BMI) sure is one of them. Companies that successfully reinvent their business models may become more profitable and more sustainable. This post will discuss 4 reasons that business model innovation is so essential, and why the opportunity is big now.  1) Business models […]

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Revenue model types: the quick guide

Revenue Model

A revenue model describes how a business generates revenue streams from its products and services. It is one of the key components of the business model. Existing businesses interested in expanding to new areas or adjusting to a new generation of competitors should carefully consider their revenue models. A strong revenue model is also most important for early stage startups; […]

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What can Microsoft learn about market segmentation from the 3 musketeers?

Customer segmentation

The leading video game console firms, Microsoft and Sony, will soon find themselves in a risky position: after years of enjoying successful products, loyal customers, lucrative market shares, and high profits, they will realize that the good days are over. They will face agile competitors, substitute products, and new business models that undermine the industry. How should they react to […]

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Are the Freemium business model days over?

Freemium business model

About 3 years ago, the world witnessed the geek equivalent of a cat fight between Madonna and Lady Gaga. The participants were leading digital-age celebrities: Chris Anderson (The former editor of Wired and author of The Long Tail), Malcolm Gladwell (an admired columnist at The New Yorker and a best-selling Author), Seth Godin (a well known marketing guru), and Mark […]

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Is there a future for the middleman?


In a memorable episode of NBC’s comedy 30 Rock, Liz Lemon (played by Tina Fey) is concerned that her profession – a TV writer – may become obsolete. She visualizes a horrible nightmare: a bunch of strange people telling her: “You are one of us – people whose professions are no longer a thing”. Among these people are a travel […]

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