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Banking, insurance, and the wonderful world of FinTech startups

The phrase “Banking is essential; banks are not” is often attributed to Bill Gates. While predictions about the death of banks seem very exaggerated, the world of finance and banking is undergoing a revolution led by financial technology (FinTech) innovations. It is common nowadays to read press releases about successful startups or new investments related to FinTech. Innovation exists in […]

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Why business model innovation rocks

Can you name management trends that most business executives appreciate but few ever implement? Business model innovation (BMI) sure is one of them. Companies that successfully reinvent their business models may become more profitable and more sustainable. This post will discuss 4 reasons that business model innovation is so essential, and why the opportunity is big now.  1) Business models […]

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The art of finding business startup ideas

  Wouldn’t it be great if it were easy for entrepreneurs to generate business startup ideas worth pursuing? While everybody agrees that execution is crucial, generating great ideas is equally important: no founder could seriously expect investments when pitching poor initiatives. Finding ideas may be easy for some; however, generating impactful initiatives that justify several years of hard labor and capital […]

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Will applying for a patent hurt your startup?

startup patent

Twitter, the cool social network with over 500 million registered users, is recognized for leading new trends, adapting to market developments, and innovating. Twitter’s unique attitude towards a well known strategy – that of applying for a patent – however, is less known. A research published in October 2011 discovered a surprising fact: there were no published patent applications submitted […]

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